Captain's Log: March 3, 2012

Surfing Nicaragua

March  2012
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This video has nothing to do with Nicaragua, fishing, or even surfing. I just thought it was so SUBU, I had to share it with everyone. The first time I watched it a couple of days ago, it had 135 views.... right now it is up over 185,000!!!!! Just an incredible video!!! Makes me want to go jump off a cliff!!! hahahahah

To give you an idea of how close he is to the ground, check out the black spot in the middle of his goggles. That is his shadow!!!!! With a wide angle GoPro and rounded goggles, the shadow would look much farther away than it actually is. I am guessing he is less than 7 feet from the ground here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out his shadow here... it is completely underneath him. I am guessing, 2 feet off the ground!!!!!!!!! SUBU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

same guy SUBUing!!!!!!! sooooo sick!!!!!

Just at a total loss for words!!! I think I found my next calling!! Got to do this!!!! check out this guys website
Fishing Nicaragua

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