2017 turned out to be the best season ever for Marlin fishing at Surfari Charters! We had about 8 weeks during August-October where we were getting Marlin encounters almost every time we attempted. Many people have asked us why it was better this season? Was it a stand out season or was it that we got better at Marlin fishing? We think a lot has to do with a favorable current that pushed onto Nicaragua’s Southern shores for many weeks in a row. That combined with a large concentration of FAD’s off of San Juan Del Sur made it an all time season. Yes, we definitely stepped up our game too, but it is not like we have not been trying hard in past years either.  It really was incredible to get up in the morning and get rigged up to battle and then actually get to go to battle!  Tropical storm Nate kind of messed up the water color and destroyed most of the FADs, but we did get two Marlin after the storm already.  Hopefully the current will keep cleaning up the water and we can get some more shots.